The “Blue Ribbon” Treatment

Luke--cafeteria still
Director Nathan Lowe chats with Luke and friends at Creekside Middle School’s cafeteria

The “Blue Ribbon” Treatment

The filmmakers of Discovering Luke are grateful for the accommodating spirit of Dr. Tom Harmas, Principal of the blue ribbon award-winning Creekside Middle School—the school Luke attends. Creekside’s gracious and professional staff threw open the doors of welcome for us, even treating us to a delicious meal from the school’s beautiful and spacious cafeteria. Our camera was granted unfettered access to the school grounds as we perused Luke’s classes and spoke with his teachers. We were met with quizzical looks and curious stares (and the occasional giggle) from the hoards of jostling students who streamed around us as we followed Luke through the roaring halls. We were a novelty, to be sure, an unexpected twist in an otherwise very ordinary school day.

Long story short, we made a scene…and the kids loved it.

We did too.


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